Think BIG, Be BOLD and ACT NOW

A Journey to My Personal Transformation

15 Life Lessons and the Most Important Thing I Learned
that can Transform Your Life!


I thought all the success I had back in Burundi had prepared me for my Canadian experience. Little did I know that I was about to embark on an entirely different journey.

Here I was in Canada – lying in my room, sick, no money, no work permit, no job, hungry and yet holding to that Canadian dream believing that things couldn't get worse.

It did get worse.

It wasn’t too long after I arrived in Canada with only $60 in my pocket where I found myself homeless and with no money. During this time of my life everything I believed or wanted to believe was tested… and it felt like eternity. Every day would bring a new challenge which tested my mind, heart and spirit.

Years later a good friend of mine suggested I write a blog.  He said I had so many life stories to share. I still remember the moment as if it was yesterday.  I also remember my response: it was heck no!

Okay, maybe not those exact words but there was definitely a no in there.


Needless to say, I gave in and began writing the blog which I called Journeymanstories. I figured I would do it as a hobby and for self-therapy because who would take any time from their busy life to read about my most underwhelming life.

Well I was wrong… very wrong!

What happened over the next two years (2009-2011) to this day still feels surreal. During that period, I had over 10,000 views and people from across the world told me how my stories encouraged and gave them hope as they experienced their own struggles. In one case, one of my readers told me that my blog actually saved him from committing suicide.

Inspiring, motivating and authentic were some of the feedback I received.

To say I felt most humbled would be an understatement... a big one.

To me it was very confusing – all I did was share stories of the toughest moments in my life (being homeless) and the successes (organizing a national event when no one thought I could).

As if it couldn't get any more incredible, I experienced one of the most humbling experiences I had to date: my readers started asking me to write a book.


I wasn't an author. All I did was write blogs – nothing like those real bloggers or those writers who actually published books.

Nevertheless, I decided to write the book.

In fact, I asked my readers to share with me their favourite blogs which I included in the book.  As it came close to publishing the book something in my life happened that caused me to delay publishing it… until now.

Eight years later, the time has come for me to share my book with you.

The book begins with explaining the reason why it took me eight years (after writing it) to publish it.

In addition to the blogs most requested by my readers, I share with the reader 15 life lessons that transformed me from being a shy young boy to the motivational speaker I am today... trust me it didn't happen overnight.

To the very end of the book I share with the reader the most powerful lesson I learned which took me from being homeless to having my dream job in six months.

This lesson is what transformed my life and it will do the same for you!

My book is called:

15 Life Lessons and the Most Important Thing I Learned
that can Transform Your Life!